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JJISCO can supply bushing components in semi-standard and custom designs to meet your size, shape, and application requirements. These bushings will operate at temperatures up to 1500°C in corrosive or abrasive environments. We are committed to providing advanced materials that address the ever-changing needs of industry. JJISCO products are designed to aid manufacturers by reducing the frequency of down time and increasing production. We offer a wide range of bushings, including:

  • Shaft bushings
  • Shoulder bushings
  • Sleeve bushings
  • Thrust washers
  • Flange type bushings
  • Double flange bushings
  • Multi-step bushings

The JJISCO Family of Lasting Brands® provides high performance materials that have proven successful in a variety of applications and pump designs:

  • Gear pumps     
  • Magnetically-driven pumps
  • Multi-stage pumps
  • Vertical pumps
  • Down hole pumps, mud motor assemblies
  • Sand jet perforator sleeves

We understand that in severe bushing applications, wear can occur due to abrasive media, chemical oxidation, and shaft deflections, ultimately resulting in a complete failure. JJISCO offers material solutions to ensure our bushings will meet your application needs, including:

Please contact us further for your specific application requirements.


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