Silicon Nitride

Silicon Nitride


SiNLAST silicon nitride is a gas pressure-sintered Si3N4 material matrix. Made from a uniform fine grain structure, it is an extremely hard, high performance ceramic with excellent thermal shock and impact resistance. Characteristics such as high wear resistance, thermal conductivity, and wear resistance allow it to withstand the extreme conditions of industrial applications.
Advantages of SiNLAST components:
  • Superior performance in dynamic and high thermal shock applications
  • World-class technology for electrical insulation
  • Superior hardness and high strength at high temperatures with low thermal expansion
  • Creep and oxidation resistance while maintaining high strength
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Extreme corrosion resistance / chemical stability versus other hard materials
Typical JJISCO components that utilize SiNLAST include bearings, bushings, nozzles, wear pads, wear rings, rollers, thrust washers, electrical insulators, photovoltaic parts, thermocouple protection tubes, welding parts
Below are typical property values of our SiNLAST components:
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