Tungsten Carbide with Cobalt Binder (WC-Co)

BlackLAST® is a tungsten carbide with a cobalt binder matrix. It offers high hardness and considerable toughness, and high flexibility of the materials in terms of property combinations. BlackLAST provide superior performance in sealing, abrasion, and dynamic applications.

JJISCO BlackLAST tungsten carbide can meet your requirements where both standard and complex geometries are involved, and those requiring dies, bushings and bearings, shafts and pins, seals and thrust washers, and specialty wear parts.

Seal Faces  •  Bushings  •  Nozzles  •  Wear Pads  •  Wear Rings  •  Special Geometry  • Thrust Washers

Below are typical property values of some of our many BlackLAST grade offerings. For a specific grade or application, please contact us for a data sheet:


For complete specifications or to speak with one of our engineers, please inquire further.


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