Partially Stabilized Zirconia

Our ZiaLAST zirconia components offer high fracture toughness and reliability, high strength, and excellent wear and corrosion resistance. For your high performance applications, JJISCO’s partially stabilized zirconia material is ideal for applications in extreme environments.

We offer three standard options for our ZiaLAST components, as well as custom blends, custom colors and special grades for specific high volume requirements:

  • ZiaLAST M (ZrO2-MgO Partially Stabilized Zirconia)
    – Provides reliable toughness and flexural strength at higher temperatures
  • ZiaLAST Y (ZrO2-Y2O3 Partially Stabilized Zirconia)
    – Provides higher toughness and flexural strength for greater impact resistance
  • ZiaLAST YX (ZrO2-Y2O3 Partially Stabilized Zirconia)
    – Provides the best toughness and flexural strength where fracture toughness is critical

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