Oilfield/Gas/Energy Market

Oilfield/Gas/Energy Market

Oilfield/Gas/Energy Market

JJISCO EnerLAST® components are the preferred material/part combination for oil and gas applications. We offer a wide range of corrosion-resistant, heat-stable, and reliable components for use in downhole equipment. Our products utilize various grades of heavy duty hard materials, including zirconia, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, ceramics, and custom material blends. JJISCO EnerLAST components provide close-tolerance parts, engineered for harsh environments, and aim to reduce the frequency of down time.

NEWS RELEASE April 2, 2023

JJISCO Highlights Ceramic  and Carbide Components at SUPER DUG Exhibit

JJISCO will be featuring their many solutions for Oil & Gas products in Fort Worth, TX, May 22-24, 2023, booth 649. Advancements in ceramics are accelerating to keep up with the exponential growth in demand. Come see how we CRUSH THE COMPETITION!

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