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JJISCO delivers optimal solutions to update and upgrade your supply chain. The result is that you become more efficient, less complex and more profitable.

Most supply chains are complex, and many are cumbersome and costly. JJISCO has extensive experience identifying opportunities for more effective and cost efficient supplier relationships. We target specific initiatives throughout the supply chain to reduce procurement times while improving quality.

We can provide a more efficient network of warehouse and distribution centers. We work within your company's culture of supply chain management to increase the frequency, accuracy and ease of procurement exchanges.

The result is a more cost-efficient, adaptable, and supportive planning solution. With the help of JJISCO, your organization is able to attain new levels of cash flow and readily available components.

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Wow. I wish I saw emails like that from other vendors every day. Appreciate the help.

Steve - Scheduler
Food & Beverage Division

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