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Semiconductor Components

JJISCO's high purity, high density, solid silicon carbide product offering is specifically developed for the rigorous demands of wafer processing. JJISCO provides custom designs to meet your specific semiconductor component size and shape needs. These silicon carbide components will operate in the clean environments that semiconductor manufacturing requires. JJISCO's SemiLAST® 191 grade provides a high performance material that has proven successful in a wide variety of applications due to its material makeup:

semiconductor plate

  • SemiLAST 191 pure material – purity greater than 99.995%, offering reduced particulate trace elements regeneration
  • Key electrical properties developed for semiconductor processing
  • High thermal shock resistance for improved component life cycle and cost of ownership
  • Chemical compatibility – resistant to common cleaning agents of HF and HNO3 concentrations
  • Superior mechanical properties provide excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • High stiffness/low mass allows for lightweight, thin components

JJISCO SemiLAST 191 parts offer a superior material choice for your most critical semiconductor applications. We are committed to assisting in new designs that address the ever-changing needs of this industry. SemiLAST products are designed to aid manufacturers by providing new or existing close-tolerance semiconductor processing components:

semiconductor plate

  • Edge rings, focus rings
  • Bushings, guide bushings, support shafts
  • Carrier plates, gas distribution plates, processing plates
  • Wafer plates up to 440mm+
  • Chucks, custom plates
  • Pins, lift pins, liners
  • High range of custom components

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our extensive knowledge base, combined with local sales engineers averaging over 20+ years of experience, allows us to assist in developing a custom solution for your unique requirements.

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